About Noyemi.com

Noyemi.com has been a labor of love for over a decade. It has taken many forms, but has always been a collection of quotes in which I have found messages that resonated with me in some way.

Noyemi is not the only famous quote website on the web, nor is it the most comprehensive, but it is a curated list that avoids the cookie-cutter approach of dumping every possible quote from every celebrity, sports figure, author, or anyone else who garners a fair number of web searches.

My eventual goal is to have all the quotes in context, and also include a personal study of each quote, and what it means at its core.

Even though this is my personal list of favorites, I am always open to being exposed to new quotations which fit in within the Noyemi gestalt, and expand it in a meaningful way. So if you have come across a quotation which you think would make me consider it for this collection, please feel free to head on to the contact form and drop me a line.